Adventures In Consciousness
Ruth Fox

'The apparently impossible may become possible'

We all have areas of undeveloped potential which have been blocked by old patterns of emotion, behaviour and limiting beliefs about ourselves.


When we clear these, new possibilities of fun and creativity open up to us... better relationships, more work opportunities, better health and more clarity and we are able to make positive changes to our life.

Workshops, evening groups and one to one sessions helping you to clear old patterns with lightness and ease.

EFT/Tapping. Is there something you would like to change or to just get more comfortable with in your life?

Level 1 & 2 EFT
Training Workshops
AAMET accredited trainings with Ruth Fox in Sheffield UK..

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ONE TO ONE: Book a theraputic change session ...

Would you like to feel better about yourself, change a habit or heal some pain that you have been carrying for way too long?

Are you stressed at home or in work? Would you like to feel better, more capable, confident, relaxed and energised?

See me in Sheffield one to one or by telephone or skype.

Whether stress or phobias, relationship or workplace difficulties that seem to repeat over and over....or chronic pain, illness or negative beliefs about the self that are hard to shake off or to recover from, I help people to let go of and heal the inner pattern that has been maintaining the difficulty.....

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