Adventures in Consciousness

Clarity and Vision Weekend retreat
with Ruth Fox

new dates to be confirmed

A relaxing weekend retreat exploring Clarity and Vision.

On this weekend, in an atmosphere of shared experience and enjoyment, there will be processes of inner journeying, relaxing and releasing old limitations and stresses with a particular theme of healing issues associated with clarity and vision in our lives. We will explore looking and seeing and how we perceive and there will be opportunities to gain greater insight into our way of being in the world.

We carry our memories from old and current experiences in all parts of our bodies. Of course our eyes are such an important gateway to us for our world and our self, much is expressed, and much is held by them and also in the muscles and tissues that surround them.

There will be exercises to increase the clarity of your eyesight and enhance your vision.

This retreat is suitable for anyone who wants to heal and make positive changes in their life.

It is aimed to help both especially with eyesight and also with general issues of clarity in life.

You are welcome to call me anytime for more info.






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