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I work in Sheffield in the UK and also do telephone and skype consultations.

The processes used can be helpful for any condition, whether physical illness or pain, or stress and difficult emotions, negative beliefs about the self or a pressing need for change in your life.

A difficulty encountered within the self usually has roots in events and experiences which may have happened many years ago, but which have left a reactive pattern or difficult emotions that are affecting life, relationships, the ability to work and play well and physical health. When these old patterns are cleared, you are able to get clarity, relief from suffering and make positive lasting changes.

People describe feeling 'lighter', 'bigger', 'happier', 'more relaxed', or 'calmer' immediately after a session. The changes made continue to become apparent in their life.

Sessions are one hour duration. If you would like to book a session or would just like more information or to find out how this work may be able to help you, do contact me. You are welcome to call me for more information and/or to arrange an appointment

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the tapping technique

This is a very easy process for the client and involves the client being guided to tap a few points on the face and body while focusing on thoughts and feelings which relate to the issue they wish to work on. The focus is guided in certain ways, to effectively dismantle old and stressful thought patterns and negative beliefs, sometimes involving questioning techniques that create a shift into more clarity, and sometimes using paradox and humour which can be a very painless and effective way of releasing old pain and stuck patterns of thought and feeling. The effect is to free yourself from the limitations, enabling you to better access your own natural inner resources, freedom, lightness and greater empowerment. The process can bring a very quick effective and permanent change to all kinds of conditions, whether habitual limiting behaviours and thought patterns, simple headaches or physical pains, or deep traumas, phobias, or emotional tension from difficult memories.

It can be applied for just about any condition and can also be very effective in assisting people to improve performance in sport, music or any field. It can be very effective for nervousness about public speaking or fearfulness in anticipation of difficult tasks such as exam nerves. It can help you to really shift the inner blocks to progress in your life.

In the session you are also shown how to use the tapping for your own use, enabling you to help yourself any time you encounter stress or challenges in your life..

tapping is also known as EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques)

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Before I started coming for EFT with you I used to spend a lot of time dwelling on thoughts of lonliness and isolation which inevitably brought me down even more. Now I feel so different and can look at time alone as a chance to do things I enjoy, to read or be creative, and I feel really positive about it. Thank you so much for helping me to make this change. Sarah

I visited you for a couple of EFT therapy sessions around 2 years ago as I was in a very bad state with social phobia. The EFT sessions worked wonders and I just feel so much more confident, relaxed and peaceful. I just wanted to thank you for this as I dread to think that I may have gone through the rest of my life enduring such bad emotional pain. Susan Brown

Thank you Ruth for making our sessions easy and comfortable, even when I am working on deeper issues. I look forward to working with you each time and always leave feeling relaxed and lighter. Through our work together I have made many shifts and am in such a much better place now, within myself, than I was. The methods you use are skilled and compassionate, and your wonderful intuitive humour so often just hits the right spot in my thinking processes to move myself on. Many thanks and much recommended. AF.

Before I saw Ruth I had a lot of issues that I needed to deal with, stuff that was bubbling under the surface and starting to cause problems in my daily life. Ruth made me feel totally safe and at ease to speak honestly without fear of being judged. The healing experience was nothing less than life-changing for me: I went away a happier and more spiritually connected person than I have ever been. Since then my life has taken a dramatic turn for the better; I now have two jobs that I love, and a confidence I never knew I had. I can honestly attribute the start of my current success and feeling of utter joyfulness to my healing therapy with Ruth. Lisa Read

'Working with Ruth using EFT and the provocative style has been a pleasure. I have dealt with some very difficult issues and this has been done with love, compassion and humour. Most of all I felt that the space was held for me and I was completely supported throughout the process.' Elizabeth Scanlon

Hi Ruth, I intended to drop you a line some time after the session we had in October to let you know whether the shift that happened regarding my right-sided pain was a resolution or a temporary fix.
The 'touch wood' part of me has postponed writing as I did not want to tempt fate. However as the end of the year draws close, I feel that the problem (that seemed to begin around 16 years ago and has bothered me with varying degrees of intensity ever since) has well and truly gone. I still look for it on a daily basis, incredulous that it is no longer an issue. I feel that life and relationships are progressing pretty well for me.
So my thanks for your 'provocative' help, and three cheers for the wonders of EFT!
HC, London

When I'm in pain, tapping helps me to either completely clear the pain or minimise it.
Emotionally, it helps me to put some distance between me and the emotion and puts me more in the role of observers that I am not in the midst of fear, anger or despair.
Sometimes when working on a physical issue, it brings out an emotional issue that I am able to observe and feel.
In all it makes me more capable of dealing with my illness.
Working with Ruth and the processes she uses has definitely changed me. I am now aware of patterns of behaviour which I had from childhood, and I had followed without ever questioning them because I wasn't aware I was even doing it.
I feel huge relief now that I am able to observe these patterns. I now know that I have a choice in which way I can behave, and I definitely feel more empowered and confident.
I feel stronger and more able to deal with my illness and make necessary decisions and confidently guide my recovery.
I think this method is a revolutionary approach because the body and mind are treated simultaneously - because some memories and emotions are stored in the body. It is finally making the connection between mind and body which medicine and psychotherapy cannot do
. Vesna Panic

I experienced the emotional charge gradually being released and the discomfort of the physical ailment fail to nothing! I had always felt trapped by the physical condition of psoriasis, even though I have been practicing effective natural healing techniques for years.
For the first time, I really felt I could be liberated from the skin condition. I felt a real shift and felt I had experienced a deep healing. I felt calm and centred, and quite high afterwards.
Ella W.

I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated the EFT work as well as emotional support you gave me in a pivotal moment last year.
When there have been times when I can't quite see yet what's beyond my current view you have been able to hold that non intrusive space - where you have allowed me to explore the difficulty that I needed to release from. Your ability to sense intuitively what was needed was spot on!
Your ability to honour and acknowledge where I am in my journey has been profound - you have not taken away from what I needed to do for myself, the work you do is sensitive enough to know that I a responsible for my own life, yet your work serves as a silent reminder of that quality within us all of maintaining our own inner equilibrium.
You held that space to remind me of that - that is a very special ability.
Klara S

Hi Ruth. Thank you. You helped me very much. A lot of shifting and freeing was in the process. You are a talented and sensitive woman. It was great to NOT be 'there-there-d' by you! It has been ages since I both laughed and cried simultaneously. I want you to know - you are a great healer. Love, Naomi

Thank you so much for the other day. I have had 20 years of counselling but this was the most helpful and hopeful thing I have ever done. Karen B.

Anyone thinking of working with Ruth: She is the real deal, do yourself a favour.... Steve Wells - EFT Downunder

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