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Comments from recent events:
'Many thanks for your informative and fun sessions … I wasn't expecting quite so much laughter! … It was a truly memorable evening … . A definite shift in more ways than one… Thank you for sharing this wonderful technique. ... I've also noticed I have more energy and am more motivated …. Powerful stuff indeed.'



Clear stress and inner blocks and feel better in your life with EFT/Tapping workshops and Trainings more information

EFT TO GO Introductory workshop
An opportunity to learn and experience 'the Tapping' in a simple form, feel the benefit and to start using it in your life. For info on upcoming EFT TO GO workshops more information

Learn EFT Tapping thoroughly from the beginning...

EFT Level 1 Training Workshop ... EFT for personal use
AAMET approved training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Sheffield UK
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Learn and experience this amazing self help healing and life enhancing technique in a two day workshop with Ruth Fox.
At the end of this workshop you will have learned how to use EFT to help you to deal with life's pressures, fears and other emotional or physical discomforts and assist you to overcome blocks and make significant changes in your life.
This workshop is experiential so you will experience for yourself some real benefits and feel how the Tapping/EFT can work for you.

This two day workshop will give you a full grounding in the EFT tapping technique for personal use and for those who wish to gain professional training, it will also fulfill your first Level of AAMET accredited Training.

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Take it further for yourself and/or become a practitioner...

EFT level 2
..... developing your skills & Practitioner Training
AAMET approved training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Sheffield UK

Two day training giving you further skills in the use of EFT with yourself and others, introducing you to more techniques and flow with this effective tool for change. Suitable for those who wish to work with others, therapists who wish to add to their skills and attain Practitioner status, and personal users of EFT who interested in developing their use and understanding of EFT. info

Improve your Tapping skills

EFT Practice Day
- Sheffield UK
An opportunity to practice EFT, to develop your knowledge and skills andhave the support of others to work on real issues.
Participants must have already completed a level 1 training or equivalent. Contact me for information on upcoming practice days.

Would you like to reduce your speaking anxiety?

FREEDOM TO SPEAK one day workshop
On this day we will be undoing and clearing inner patterns that have triggered stress, fear and anxiety in speaking situations and I will give you the most effective tools to help yourself 'in the moment' whenever you need it. For info on upcoming FREEDOM TO SPEAK workshops contact me

Specialised workshops and courses

Lighten Up Your Body
! six week course.
a no diet way to help your body to align to its healthy weight

For more info on this course contact me


Lighten up your body was an amazing experience for me. With Ruth's support I not only discovered issues I have with over eating, cravings etc. but I also came away with tools and techniques to support me in my onward journey. Thank you so much - Jane

I found the workshops really beneficial. Ruth is a fantastic facilitator who uses her warmth and empathetic nature to create such a supportive and safe environment that was productive and positive throughout. Her humour and sense of fun helped ease the sensitive issues that we addressed during the workshops.
I can thoroughly recommend Ruth's workshops that were a real breakthough for me.
- Maria

Residential retreats

Clarity and Vision weekend retreat.
....exploring and healing issues related to vision and seeing.

Last year's retreat was lovely - by popular request I will be scheduling in another weekend. Contact me if you are i
nterested. info

I am also available for a one to one if you would like some help with something you are wanting to change or heal in your life...see one to one page.

contact me for more info and to book any of the above

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